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Ge & Luke is a songwriter and producer duo focused on creating high quality music to inspire people around the world.

Their style ranges from pop and EDM to broader dance productions, all with the goal of capturing the attention of fans of organic, uplifting and emotional melodies. In addition, they have also been involved in creating music for TV shows and artwork.

Ge & Luke are strong believers in diversity and unifying global talent and have brought together a wide range of talented artists from around the world for their songs.

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Ge & Luke are present on all major social networks and streaming platforms.


Ge & Luke look forward to collaborating with other artists, whether for a new song or a remix of an existing track.

In addition, Ge & Luke offer a whole range of services, such as music for commercials, presentations, TV shows or movies. They work closely with a team of singers, musicians, animators, editors and developers and can provide you with a complete package according to your needs.

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For all inquiries, such as on collaborations, engagements or live shows, please send a message via the contact form.

Ge & Luke look forward to hearing from you!

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